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Welcome to MathsCity’s charity gift store. MathsCity was founded in Leeds by the charity MathsWorldUK to give everyone, regardless of age and background, the opportunity to access playful maths learning in a fun and supported environment. It’s the first step towards our ultimate mission of creating a permanent, world-class visitor attraction. We are continuing to raise funds for the UK’s first Mathematics Discovery Centre that will host inclusive mathematics festivals, lectures, workshops, theatre performances, and multi-media shows. The profits we receive from every item purchased on this site go directly towards helping us realise this dream.

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Our range of products is curated to suit key gift-giving dates throughout the year and we will release new designs throughout the year too… So, if its fun at Christmas, a special anniversary or to celebrate a birthday, please peruse our collection and together, we can make a real difference!

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MathsCity – A Mathematical Wonderland For All

Located inside Trinity Leeds shopping centre, MathsCity is an interactive mathematical wonderland! We encourage everyone to practise being curious as they explore, discover and solve.

MathsCity has been designed with inclusion at its heart and seeks to engage people of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds. Mathematics is a fundamental enabler of social mobility and employability. We aim to give everyone the opportunity to free their innate curiosity and their ability to flourish through maths.

Visitors can escape into the fascinating world of maths with over 30 fun and exciting exhibits, including a giant bubble and kaleidoscope, a laser ring of fire, a huge LED coding games machine, and a variety of hands-on challenges.

Open every Tuesday to Sunday from 10am until 5pm, tickets can be purchased online at