Are You Looking To Increase Awareness, Engagement & Revenue For Your Charity?

Then have we got an idea for you!

Imagine being able to turn all of the major gift-giving events into fundraising opportunities

Valentine’s Day

Mothers Day


Fathers Day




Just Because…

So whats the big idea?

Charities can now use the power of gifting to engage supporters and turn annual events into fundraising opportunities. The Do Good Gift Co’s e-commerce platform enables charities to offer supporters personalised gifts for all the major present buying events throughout the year.

Each charity will have its own dedicated and fully branded sub-domain where a variety of products can be displayed, promoted and bought to generate revenue and enable each charity to fund its important work.

The Do Good Gift portal utilises print on demand and white-label drop shipping to enable charities to enjoy all of the benefits of e-commerce with none of the well-known issues:

  • No stock handling
  • No returns
  • No transactions to process/refund
  • No postage
  • No e-commerce platform to run

51% of all profit comes back to your charity

By purchasing products from your online store, your supporters can help fund the projects and initiatives that are important to them. Our unique gifts have been carefully curated to include an array of items including apparel, accessories, home decor and other lifestyle goods. Every time one of your supporters purchases a product on our site we provide 51% of the profits back into supporting your charity and its important work.

14 Core Benefits & great reasons to get involved

Non-profit organisations are struggling to keep up with demand for their services. Do Good Gift Co provides a solution that helps bridge the gap between demand and available resources by generating additional funding.

Create more reasons and opportunities to engage existing supporters by keeping them up to date with a range of appropriate gift ideas throughout the year.

Increase the reach and awareness of the charity and demonstrate the impact of its work. Every time a gift is given and used the charity branding will be on display helping keep it top of mind amongst an extended audience.

Draw attention to specific campaigns or emergency responses with particular products and messaging. Ensuring that individual causes and campaigns can be funded, highlighted and brought to peoples attention.

No direct impact on current staffing levels, skill sets or resources. Our gifting solution is simple, straightforward and easy to implement. No product handling, no returns and no digital expertise required.

Leverage social media to help widen appeal and engage new supporters by promoting products online and through social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many others.

Help engage younger audiences with a selection of gifts that reflect their interests and life stages. 

Provide a new source of revenue that does not cannibalise existing funding streams. By tapping into the retail budgets of consumers, we are accessing a different source of funding.

Turn annual retail events into fundraising campaigns. Whether it is birthdays, anniversaries or universal events like Christmas most people have numerous occasions throughout the year that have the potential to become fundraising opportunities.

Create multi-channel engagement opportunities that build relationships digitally. Whether its mobile, social, email or e-commerce channels the chances to increase frequency and awareness are enormous.

Provides the perfect data capture opportunity to drive future engagement. The data captured will be clean, up to date and fully GDPR compliant.

Create a point of difference in a highly competitive environment. With so many charities competing for the same share of wallets, an e-commerce solution provides a clear difference in approach.

Evolve from a “please give” to a “give to get” proposition. This change in the narrative allows for a change in communications and approach.

Turn any event into a gift buying and fundraising opportunity with a simple QR Code.

Want to know more?

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